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Skilled Nursing Behavior Tracking - Review from Social Services Director

Lindsay Lyon, Social Services Director at Colorow Care Center, was asked by her corporate management team at Vivage Senior Living to make an assessment of Foresight. Lindsay granted us permission to share her review, which comes 7 months after her first experience implementing & using Foresight. Read the analysis below.



I want to inform you of the success we have achieved with using Foresight.

Using this service has assisted with:

  • Care planning and specific non pharm interventions that have been successful.

  • Using this tool has significantly improved our percentage of use of psychotropic medications. Our pharmacist reports to myself and the DON the success we have made with GDR's and eliminating the use of psychotropic medications. We have been able to prove some of the benefits of discontinuing these medications and in some cases we have proved that the use of some medications has improved the overall well being of the Elder. Using this tool in relation to psych-pharm, I myself have the ability to pull a report for the review period and enter accurate information to the psychotropic med review assessment. This process has assisted us in compliance with state regulations especially r/t psychotropic med use.

  • Reporting accurate behaviors to our OBRA coordinator have assisted with compliance and justification with level 2 PASRRs. In turn, we have been able to Collect MORE reimbursement from the state. Some of our level 2 residents, would be at a level 1 without the consistent documentation.

  • Completing the MDS and reporting behaviors to the state. If a resident exhibits behaviors and behaviors are documented appropriately, behaviors are captured in ARD review period and the facility qualifies for higher reimbursement.

  • Capturing behaviors has provided assistance with scheduling staff appropriately. Schedule for staff has flexed to assist with consistent behaviors documented. IDT has identified pattern of exhibited behavioral disturbances/ unmet needs and the need increased assistance during a certain time period. As well as, decreasing staff during a certain period of time to allow flexibility of staffing. This process has assisted with the scheduling of activities- especially on the memory care unit.

  • On the memory care unit, we have not received any complaints r/t staffing or scheduled activities. In the Foresight settings, social service department has completed and updated all resident profiles. Direct care providers now have the ability to read first hand of Elders preferences and targeted behaviors.

  • Charting/documenting behaviors in Foresight has assisted with time management for the staff. Documenting in Foresight is at the click of a button, very simple and easy to use. (That is IF the profiles are personalized.)

  • Personalizing the profiles on Foresight has assisted with person-centered care, elder and family input with care planning and meeting/maintaining personal needs. Families have reported that they are impressed with how we are advancing with technology. Other nursing homes and providers in the community have inquired about our "top of the line" behavior tracking system. Our local ombudsman has also commented on the use of Foresight.

  • Foresight documentation has significantly assisted with discharge planning to assist with any unmet needs and any transition of care.

  • Documentation has assisted with reporting process in relation to Elder Justice Act- reporting to law enforcement, state reporting process and continued support of of ombudsman.

  • Primary care providers have given positive feedback on ghght documentation that has been provided to them. This process has assisted especially with any suicidal ideations/ mood disturbances. A summary is completed of this specific tt documentation. Summary includes interventions used and standard 15 minute checks are implemented.

  • 2 hour checks are completed on Foresight- This eliminates endless amounts of paper that could potentially get misplaced. Foresight report shows who was checked on last, by what staff member, where they were located, any behaviors exhibited and a reminder of who needs to be checked on next/ time frame.

  • Reports are presented to IDT and reviewed every 24 hours. This assists with communication for MDS coordinator (potential change of condition and need of addition services including therapy), nurse management has ability to complete education to staff to improve cares, SS department has ability to education on successful interventions. This has made significant impact on care plans!!!

  • 15 minute checks are implemented on Foresight to ensure safety checks post-fall or new-admit.

  • Documentation pulled from Foresight during any review is entered into progress note by SS.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I am very pleased with this service.

Colorow Care Center

Lindsay Lyon

Social Service Director

Colorow Care Center




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