Foresight by VisibleHand

Behavior tracking for Skilled Nursing.


Inform behavior care decisions.

Foresight is: real-time documentation and distribution of behavior data to improve antipsychotic usage, (re)hospitalizations, reimbursement, and more.

What Foresight users are saying:

“We received more behavioral information and insight out of a couple months of using Foresight than we did in 10 years of paper documentation.”


NHA, Denver North Care Center

"If we can intervene before a behavior escalates, it increases resident and family satisfaction since their needs are being met."


- Kari 

COO, Bethany Life

“We have a consistent system now. We went from paper to PCC back to paper. It’s great to have a consistent system.”


- Jeff

NHA, Clear Creek Care Center

"It has been helpful for gradual dose reductions. Whether we should do them or not. We're able to report to our physicians about behaviors."


- Lisa

LCSW, North Star Rehab & Care Community

What is Foresight?

Foresight is a behavioral documentation and analysis platform for Skilled Nursing. A mobile & desktop system that connects front-line staff, nurses, clinicians, administrators, and MDS coordinators with real-time data.

The effect is a collaborative team with complete behavior information at their fingertips. 

Foresight Benefits

Reduce Liability & Citations

With Foresight documentation, legal liability & exposure are reduced. We use data to proactively identify F-Tag risk so you can reduce citations and fines.

Financial Impact

Complete documentation ensures appropriate and full reimbursement for services. Complete & usable data reduces hundreds of hours of work for Social Workers, MDS coordinators, CNAs, Nurse Supervisors, and Clinicians.

New Regulation Compliance

Foresight is the simplest tool to ensure compliance with Final Rule Phase 2 behavioral health regulations. Reduce antipsychotics, track gradual dose reductions, and use Foresight data to measure the improvement of your QAPI efforts.

Improve Outcomes

Foresight users have measurably reduced hospitalizations & re-hospitalizations. Clinicians who use Foresight have access to frontline observations in real-time and can measure the impact of their treatment over time.

Employee Engagement

Foresight users report improved frontline staff engagement. Managers are provided with actionable employee usage data that is used for targeted training, recognition, and accountability.

Better Communication

Foresight gives teams access to real-time secure messaging. From frontline staff to NHAs and corporate teams, communicate in real time.

Easy & Integrated

Foresight reduces burdens on your staff. Not as "another system" but a replacement for outdated and cumbersome documentation methods. There is no I.T. needed, training takes <1hr, and we integrate with your EHR.

Partnering with organizations across the country to reduce risk & liability while delivering safer, more reliable care.