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Simple & verified safety checks. 100% compliant

Ditch the clipboard and increase compliance with the easiest and most accountable method for Q15 checks.

VisibleHand Safety Check Q15 App for psych hospital and addiction treatment center
Hospital Safety Director

"With VisibleHand, we know in real time that our patients are being checked for their safety. Our staff love the simplicity of the app. They get real time feedback and management spends less time spot checking compliance. We can recognize our high performers and coach anyone who is having difficulty. This product helps us foster a culture of excellence which leads to safe and reliable patient care."

- Sally Broussard, Administrative Director

Behavioral Health Center at Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas

Achieve 100% Compliance

  • Digital rounding can be launched in a single day.

  • Your team will be 100% compliant within one week.

  • You will have real time data and insights to maintain 100% compliance over time.


"We just went through a big accreditation. The Joint Commission got to see this being used first-hand. They were extremely thrilled and thought that the majority of the programs should have it."

- Scott Frasier, Program Manager, Sierra Tucson

Safety Program Manager
Safety Staff Accountability

Improve Transparency


  • Quickly identify high and low performers for incentives, training, or corrective action. 

  • Stop worrying about how your staff are performing, day or night.

Hospital Administrator

"Safety rounding is our tech's number one job because that is the only proven way to keep our patients safe."

- Garrett Craver, Assistant Administrator, BHSET

Secure Proximity Wearable

Verified in-person Q15 checks

  • Optional BlueTooth patient ID bands ensure staff visit every patient in-person on every safety round. 


  • Every check is verified by recording the distance between the secure patient wearable and the digital rounding device use by your health techs.

  • Secure wearable bracelet can have patient information printed on it and ongoing equipment replacement is included in the subscription

We take care of the details.​​

  • We provide all the equipment you need and manage it remotely to make it easy for you & your I.T. team.

  • We include cellular connectivity at no extra cost. The devices work inside & outside and you will never need to worry about the WiFi going out.

  • This is truly a 'turn-key' solution. Everything works 'out of the box' - you'll be up and running in just a few hours.

Inpatient Mobile

Digital Rounding

  • Improve safety for residents and patients.

  • Increase staff efficiency and accountability.

  • Fully-managed mobile devices.

Safety Options

Proximity Verification

  • Everything in Digital Rounding, plus:

  • Automatically verify that safety checks are conducted in-person.

  • Everything in Proximity, plus:

  • Locate staff and residents within a building or large campus.

  • Automate attendance tracking.

Location Tracking

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