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  • Matt Morris

Reportable Events Drop with VisibleHand

Samsung Insights publishes article on the impact of VisibleHand at long-term care provider, Bethany Life.

Through the use of Foresight (long term care behavior tracking) by VisibleHand. Bethany Life has achieved a noticeable decrease in reportable behaviors. The facility is now able to take a more proactive approach to resident care and shift to a more prevention-based perspective.

"As for their patients, they’ve seen a decrease in reportable behaviors, largely because they’ve been able to be proactive about their care and catch warning signs of an episode before a situation escalates. For example, if they know a patient is going to start “sundowning,” a type of confusion that can occur late in the day with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, they can take them for a walk around Main Street. Patient satisfaction has increased, which is a groundbreaking result for a population that frequently struggles with making their needs known. According to Matheason, “it’s almost like predictive modeling … if we can intervene before it gets there, it increases resident and family satisfaction since their needs are being met.”"



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