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  • Matt Morris

Nurse Practitioner Reduces Antipsychotic Medications and Decreases Hospitalizations

Mark DeClouet, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, has been providing high-quality consulting services to long term care facilities for years. However, the lack of resident behavior data was limiting the effectiveness and efficiency of his practice.

Since implementing Foresight in his client facilities, Mark has observed a 30% reduction in antipsychotic medications in one facility, and a significant reduction in psychiatric hospitalizations. In addition, Mark is in the process of scaling his nursing home consulting practice threefold.

What did Mark have to say?

"After just one week using Foresight, I was able to adjust a patient’s medications in a way that avoided a hospitalization”.

Mark DeClouet, psychiatric nurse practitioner, has been providing high quality psychiatric consulting to long term care facilities since 2011. Over time, Mark realized that his impact as a clinician was limited by the quality and type of information available to him for each of his residents.

Mark would spend much of his time trying to piece together stories of resident behavior from multiple sources. This effort was very time consuming and made it difficult for Mark to act on ‘complete’ information.

“In the past, before Foresight, I would consult on cases whenever a behavioral health crisis occurred. When collecting a history of those events, I would often find that the story of what led to the event was fractured and incomplete. This made for difficult care planning and treatment. Any documentation would just describe the event with a note to 'contact Mark.’”

How was Mark able to reduce hospitalizations? Download the full case study here:

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