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Improving care, compliance, and patient engagement - Denver North Case Study.


Tami Kendall, NHA, couldn’t find a behavior solution that would meet her goals; a solution that would comply with current and upcoming regulations, would not increase the burden on her staff, and would not diminish resident-centered-care. After finding and implementing Foresight, Tami was able to exceed compliance requirements for current and future regulations, reduce the burden and workload of her staff, and improve resident care.

Tami Kendall, NHA of Denver North Care Center, has invested her entire 20 year career in long-term care; first as a CNA, then social worker, and now as a NHA. Tami is a behavioral expert, advocate, and leader in Colorado. Recently, Tami began experiencing new regulatory pressures that impacted the systems and processes in her community. Her team at Denver North started looking for new solutions that would allow their residents and care-team to thrive while complying with the new regulations.

“We are having to reinvent ourselves in LTC. The way that we have worked in the past is no longer acceptable. We have to do something different. Either regulatory issues or lawsuits will shut homes down.”
“Some organizations have a ton of money and can invest in immaculate facilities and new tools. In older homes, like us, the wallpaper and chandeliers are less important. What is more important is that the individual isn't diminished because of the symptoms of disease.”

Tami needed a behavioral care program that would meet three of her goals: a system

that would meet regulatory requirements, would not overburden her team, and would

not diminish the quality of resident care. Unfortunately, the current systems at Denver

North did not meet those goals.

“We were doing episodic documentation on paper. The records lived in a nurse's station in a binder or a file. There was no easy access to the data. It was almost impossible to quantify/trend, and who wants to do that every month, count count count count. It wasn’t efficient and it wasn't accurate. We couldn't use our old system for anything. It was a burden on the team, we only did it for compliance and we couldn't use the information for anything.”

Eventually, the system became unsustainable. Staff were overburdened and, as a result,

the resident care suffered. Tami and her staff began to look for something better.

Download the case study to see how Tami was able to use Foresight to solve the behavioral health challenges in her nursing home.

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