Q15 checks.
100% compliant.

Ditch the clipboard and reach 100% Q15 compliance.
Digital Rounding multiplies efficiency for health techs and simplifies accountability for your leadership team.

Can be used for all safety checks.
(Q15, Q30, Q60, 1-on-1, Close Observation, Nurse Checks and more)


“We just went through a big Joint Commission audit and they got to see this being used first-hand. They were extremely thrilled and thought that the majority of the programs should have it."


“This really cut down on our tracking time. It increased our work productivity where I can do more with less people.

Digital Q15 Options for Every Behavioral Health Setting

  • Mobile app replaces the clipboard

  • Real-time Q15s shared across team

  • Devices included and fully managed

Digital Rounding

  • Verifies proximity between health techs and patients.

  • Bluetooth patient ID bands

Proximity Verification

  • Monitors location of all patients in a building or across a campus.

  • Biometrics (steps, sleep, etc.)

  • Automated attendance tracking

Location Tracking


Over 6 million observations logged
by organizations including:

(Representing: Inpatient Psych, Residential Addiction Treatment, Skilled Nursing)

Real Results

In the middle of the COVID 19 pandemic, after a FULLY REMOTE installation this hospital achieved +99% compliance within one week of launch. AND if compliance dropped during a shift, they were able to pinpoint the specific unit and staff member for additional training.


*Coming soon - Temperature Monitoring, $5/bed/month add on


$1000/month minimum contract

Digital Rounding


$4000/month minimum contract

Proximity Verification
Includes Digital Rounding


$10000/month minimum contract

Location Tracking
Includes Proximity Verification


Options for any budget


Partnering with VisibleHand

We are proud to offer

Month-to-Month Contracts

All contracts are month-to-month with no lock-in period. We believe in earning your business every day.


Equipment Included

All replacement hardware is included in the pricing. There are no gotchas, hidden fees, or expensive ongoing equipment costs.

Remote Installation
Ability to install remotely in a single day. No I.T. required.


We work with clients large & small. From 6-bed residential treatment households to 150+ bed hospitals. From independent providers to corporations with hundreds of facilities.

Unlimited Data
Your safety data is always yours to have. In addition to our in-app reports, you can request a full data download at any time, for any reason, for free.

Are you maintaining 100% Q15 compliance?

Partnering with organizations across the country to reduce risk & liability while delivering safer, more reliable care.