VisibleCare by VisibleHand

Automatic verification for safety checks.

Improve patient safety & reduce risk.

VisibleCare measures proximity between staff and patients during safety checks.

VisibleCare Features

Verifies safety checks


You don’t know if staff conduct safety checks in-person or from the nurses' station. You don’t know if checks are being done on-time or backfilled at a later date.  VisibleCare reduces your liability with new technology that automatically verifies the timeliness & proximity of each safety check.

Alerts for missed checks


With your current system, it may be hours before caregivers & managers discover a missed safety check. Binders, clipboards, & outdated EHRs make real-time alerts impossible. VisibleCare reduces your risk by alerting the appropriate team members of missed checks in real-time.

Integrates with your workflow


The last thing you need is "another system." VisibleCare replaces your old, high-risk, safety check system and works seamlessly with EHRs and paper records. Frontline staff adopt VisibleCare in minutes and prefer it over their former Q15 methods.

Eliminates auditing waste


Paper & video review of staff safety check compliance pulls managers away from their core duties. Audits do not eliminate risk, often taking place hours after missed checks or falsification occurs. VisibleCare reduces the waste & risks of in-situation auditing and gives managers data for proactive & systematic process improvement.

How does VisibleCare work?

Bluetooth Beacons

VisibleCare uses static and/or wearable Bluetooth beacons to transmit a location signal to our mobile rounding devices.


Location beacons, adhered to the ceiling in each room. VisibleCare detects the location beacon when a staff member enters each room with their mobile documentation device.


Wearable beacons, given to patients upon admission in a variety of form-factors* based on your unique needs. VisibleCare detects the wearable beacons to record the proximity between a staff member and a patient during an observation.

*A wearable beacon may be placed in a provided tamper-proof wristband, inserted into your existing ID band, or adhered to the back of a patient ID badge.


Mobile Documentation 

VisibleCare provides HIPAA-compliant mobile devices* for safety check documentation (1 hour checks, Q30, Q15, 1-on-1, etc.). Turn-key devices are cell-enabled and fully managed by VisibleHand.


Caregivers use the handheld devices to document safety checks via the VisibleCare app. VisibleCare automatically detects proximity to the Bluetooth beacons and collects 'staff ID', 'time of check', 'patient status', 'nurse checks', and more.


*In partnership with SamsungUSA.

Compliance Dashboard & Reports

All observations logged in VisibleCare are synced across the team in real-time. Managers use visual dashboards to assess safety check compliance and run reports to assess areas for improvement. All data is exportable in digital & print format.


Team leaders proactively improve the quality of care & reduce risk by identifying environment & employee liabilities prior to a safety event.

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