How To Use Foresight:

The Mobile App


Intro to the Foresight Mobile App


How Foresight helps Front Line Care Staff

  1. Foresight is an advanced software tool that helps you make observations of behaviors, which helps clinicians and supervisors monitor patients more closely, which helps the patient receive better care.

  2. With Foresight, doctors and supervisors can know right away when there's an emergency, or when a severe behavior occurs.

  3. In addition to supervisors, Frontline staff are going to be able to see all this information too. You’ll be able to see what everyone else is saying about this Resident, what behaviors they’re seeing, and also instructions and suggestions from supervisors. So when you go up to a Resident, you’ll have access to a lot more background info. Staff members can write down advice for what works and doesn’t work for this Resident, so they can help and support each other to make better and better decisions.

  4. Foresight is a sophisticated digital documentation tool which will look great on your resume​. ​We hope this will make you a better caretaker, and also make your job easier. We also hope that after you use Foresight, you’ll be more educated about different kinds of Behavior and possibly also psychiatric conditions, and how to react.


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Introduction to the VisibleHand Phones

Some facilities will receive VisibleHand phones as part of signing up for Foresight. These phones are secure, HIPPA compliant and must remain at the facility. If your facility allows you to use your own phone, you can skip this section.

(Samsung Galaxy J series) 

  1. How to turn on/off the phone

  2. How to put the phone to sleep and wake the phone from sleep

  3. How to unlock the phone (room on laminated sheet for the shape to be made on the dot pattern) “move your hand like so”

  4. How to charge the phone

  5. How to change volume

  6. How to tell if:

    1. The phone is low on battery

    2. The phone is charging or not charging

    3. The phone is connected to wifi or not connected


Notes About Phones Provided by Visible Hand:

• "Vibrate" will be disabled if the phone's volume is turned all the way down. So only turn the sound all the way to “off” if you don’t want the phone to vibrate when it sends you an alert.


• You cannot get online using these phones, the only apps you can use are the ones that appear on the desktop.


• The phone will automatically log you out 8.5 hours after you logged in.


Rules & Policies

  1 . No leaving the Facility with the phone. These phones contain HIPPA data and cannot leave the Facility by law. Foresight uses advanced tracking technology to keep track of the location of all phones, so if a phone is taken away, we will be able to see where it is.


 2. No sharing your password, or letting anyone log in with your username.


 3. Always remember to log out at the end of your shift.


 4. At the beginning of every shift, pick up a Foresight phone from ____________(Supervisor please write here). Return the Foresight phone to the same place.


Start of Shift:

  1. Sign the Sign-Out Sheet for the phone (your name, time, number on back of phone)

  2. Log in to the phone

  3. Do your shift, logging all Observations

End of Shift:

  1. Log out of your account on the phone

  2. Plug the phone into the charger

  3. Sign out on the Sign-Out Sheet


Other Facility Policies:




-How to register / get a password

-How to login and logout



-How to find your group

-How to find a resident

-How to see target behaviors and information about a resident

-How to record an observation

-Examples of good notes


-The above instructions were written May 2017. The app is always improving, and when you need updated information, you can find the manual that comes with the app. Just go to HELP and find the manual (show how button looks in mobile)



Can't Log In:

-You forget your password: ask your supervisor

-You forget your username: ask your supervisor

-You get an error in red text. Tell your supervisor, or contact our support number 720-500-5369


Tech Problems:

-Your phone won't turn on or off: perhaps its battery is dead. Plug it into an outlet and see whether the battery symbol appears. If plugging in doesn’t help, or if the phone refuses to turn off, it may be a battery issue. Tell your supervisor, or contact our support number 720-500-5369


-Your phone loses signal: If you see this symbol at the top of your phone (  ) it means the phone has lost signal.You can keep working as normal, the phone will save the data you enter, but you will need to find wifi before you log out. If you keep the phone in a place with wifi at least 10 seconds, it will have enough time to find the wifi and start uploading the work you did this shift.


-If the wifi in the whole building stops working: tell your supervisor. Often, the router needs to be turned off and then turned on again, this usually will reset the wifi.


-The app freezes or is stops responding: you can force quit the app by holding down the "on" button 5 seconds (?) Then try opening the app again. If this doesn't work, you can try turning off the phone by pushing (button?) and turning on the phone again. If none of the above work, tell your Supervisor or contact VisibleHand Support


-The phone doesn't vibrate when its supposed to: the phone's volume may be turned to a setting below zero. push the "volume up" button (show picture) a few times to increase the volume above zero.


What To Do If:

-A phone falls: check to see if the screen is ok, this is usually the first thing that is harmed if a phone should fall. If the screen is ok, that usually means the phone is fine. Check to see if the phone still functions normally.


-A phone gets damaged or broken: Tell your supervisor. Depending how severe the damage, the Facility may need to buy a new phone.


-A phone is lost or stolen: Contact Visiblehand immediately at 720-500-5369 or so we can help you locate the phone, or lock it if necessary. Also let your Supervisor know.


-Somebody steals your password: If someone gets access to your password (for example, if someone steals the notebook where you have your password written) Contact VisibleHand at 720-500-5369 or and let us know. We will deactivate your account and you'll be given a new password. Also let your Supervisor know.



You have Any Other Questions:

-You can find the updated, step-by-step manual in the HELP section

(show how button looks in mobile)

-If you have more questions, contact us! 720-500-5369 or


You have Suggestions:

-We love suggestions! Tell us your thoughts:  720-500-5369 or

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