Getting Started


Is implementation difficult?

Foresight is the simplest technology implementation that any of our clients have experienced (their words, not ours).
“Easiest install ever!” – Administrator
“No offense to the work you’ve done, but the system is so simple to use we almost wouldn’t
need training.” – Social Worker


How long does it take to go live?

It takes about 3 weeks to get devices ordered/setup and to pre-populate the system with your resident and team information. We promise to be ready to go-live 3 weeks from an executed contract.


Can I schedule the implementation/rollout for a future date?

Yes. If you want to schedule go-live for a future date, we can work with you to plan/schedule for a future roll-out date.


How do you roll-out across multiple facilities?

We can remotely roll-out across multiple facilities simultaneously. If you want us to be on-site, we will work together to schedule a progressive roll-out that meets your needs.


How long does it take to get trained?

Generally, it takes front-line staff < 15 minutes to learn and begin using the Foresight app.
Generally, it takes managers/admins/clinicians < 30 minutes to learn and begin using Foresight.


Will you be in the building with us?

If you need us, we will be onsite. We offer remote training and onboarding at no cost. If needed, we offer low-cost in-person training.


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Have you been able to measure improved outcomes?

Demonstrated reduction in avoidable hospitalizations.
Demonstrated reduction of antipsychotic medication. One facility observed a 30% reduction in undiagnosed antipsychotic medications.

In addition to measured outcomes, we have a great deal of anecdotal information about Foresight from our clients. The benefits range from reimbursement, employee engagement, efficiency, transfers, and most importantly, improved care for residents.


Does Foresight save us time?

Foresight reduces the time needed to prepare for behavioral health team meetings (by at least 20%), according to our clients. Foresight also reduces the time it takes to log behaviors by hand, and lifts the burden of paper-based or cumbersome EHR documentation from care teams.


Does Foresight help with citations?

Foresight has helped multiple facilities avoid citations related to behavioral health compliance.


Does Foresight engage front-line staff?

Our clients report that Foresight helps front-line staff better understand the residents they are helping and empowers them in the process of providing care.


Does Foresight help with continuity of care?

Foresight improves transfers from nursing home to hospital by providing a thorough and complete view of resident behaviors leading up to and during the transfer event.


Does Foresight provide better data than our current system?

Yes. Foresight clients have measured an increase in behavior documentation by 300%.


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How much does Foresight cost?

We calculate the price based on several variables; devices (if needed, and quantity), the number of residents being observed with the system, length of the contract, etc.

If you provide us with some basic information, we can quote you a per-resident or per-facility price.


Do you offer pilots/low-cost trials?

Yes. We offer a low-cost 3-month pilot to prove the effectiveness of Foresight and demonstrate ROI. Contact us to learn more about piloting Foresight.


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Clients & Customers


Generally speaking, who uses Foresight?

We are currently live in skilled nursing and memory care communities across the US.


Specifically, who uses Foresight?

Our largest partner and an innovative early adopter of Foresight is Vivage Senior Living. Vivage uses Foresight in ~30 of their facilities. They are able to assess behaviors from a corporate level (across all facilities) down to the individual resident/CNA level.


Can I have a customer reference?

Yes. Once we have an opportunity to connect, we would be happy to introduce you to one of our clients. Ideally, we will match you with a client who closely matches the context of your community.


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Financial Impact


Managed Medicare

In states with managed medicare, we have almost doubled reimbursement for certain residents by showing a higher level of behavioral acuity. They have been able to increase reimbursement from about $180 to $400 per day per resident (this will vary by state).


Case mix

In states with case mix, our program can directly help meet requirements improving their case mix score. Our data and analytics also help with QAPI programs.


New Regulations

Finally, some of the greatest impact we have is on compliance with new regulations (medication reductions, behavior-focused / resident-centric care).


Staff Satisfaction

Our clients have reported improved staff satisfaction and engagement with behavioral care.


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Is this going to burden our front-line caregivers?

Front-line caregivers love Foresight. It saves them significant time in their workflow. Foresight doesn’t add workload, it replaces a cumbersome behavior documentation process.


Are front-line caregivers equipped to be documenting behaviors?

Absolutely! Foresight walks caregivers through a simple & proven documentation flow. The app is designed to empower caregivers to make accurate and efficient observations. Documentation has increased 300% in our current communities.


How long does it take to record an observation?

Observations with no behaviors take < 5 seconds.
Observations with behaviors take < 45 seconds to document.


What if my care team isn’t tech savvy?

We designed Foresight with caregiver diversity in mind. We have caregivers of varying tech savviness and age who use and love the app. We’ve also found that more savvy caregivers have organically been training other users.
“CNAs can train CNAs… CNAs can train dietary workers… you can figure it out just by playing around for a couple minutes.” – Nursing Home Administrator
“The CNA can use the system and she couldn’t even use a flip phone!” – Nurse Manager


Does Foresight accommodate caregivers who have English as a second language?

We use simple language across the Foresight platform and we created behavior-specific icons that have been a big hit with ESL caregivers.
“Even ESL folks are getting the icons quickly… people who struggle with English have no problem with the system” – Nursing Home Administrator


Have you seen caregivers abuse the devices?

Devices provided by VisibleHand are completely secure and locked. Users don’t have access to any phone functionality aside from Foresight (and client approved apps). No texting, pictures, Facebook, etc.


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Managers & Administrators


Does this system help lessen my workload?

Yes! We take pride in the amount of work that we automate for team leaders. Having all behavior information up-to-date in one place greatly reduces the amount of time that teams & managers spend tracking down reports and front-line accounts of behavior incidents. Compiling & generating resident-specific reports takes <5 seconds using the supervisor dashboard.


Is the system easy to learn?

Yes! The Foresight supervisor dashboard is an easy-to-use and powerful reporting/analytics tool. Training managers & administrators generally takes < 30 minutes. We typically offer group training via web-call, but can also schedule a low-cost onsite visit if you prefer.


Can I use this tool for accountability with my team?

Yes. We provide real-time visibility into behavior observations across your team. We also provide weekly & daily reports on the frequency and types of behaviors being logged by each caregiver.


What happens if one of our caregivers makes a mistake in their observation?

As a team leader, you have the ability to edit and correct poor data and/or team mistakes. We log every change that is made to the data and keep records of the original and edited data to make sure you don’t lose any valuable information.
Remember, you have Quality Assurance Privilege with any/all data stored in Foresight, allowing you to ensure accuracy prior to integrating with official clinical documentation.


If I see a resident behavior (as a manager), can I log it in Foresight?

Yes. Team leaders have the same behavior observations capabilities as the front-line caregivers. Team leaders log behaviors using Foresight’s supervisor dashboard instead of the mobile app.


Can I add/delete residents from the system?

Yes. Team leaders have the ability to add, edit, and archive residents from the system. During onboarding, we will work together for bulk uploads to ease the burden of data-entry.


Can I add/delete team members from the system?

Yes. Team leaders can add, archive, restrict, and promote team members within the system.


What is the most useful report for administrators?

To date, the most popular (and most referenced) report for administrators is the Intervention Effectiveness report. We analyze all behaviors & interventions in your community to show you which interventions have the greatest positive impact on resident behavior. Team leaders frequently use this report for individual and team-wide training.


Will I know what to do with the resident data?

Yes. Foresight is so intuitive that even without training we are confident that you will have better behavior data than you have ever had within 5 minutes of using the tool. Further training and learning only increases the amount of insight you’ll be able to learn about your residents and care team.


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How do you store your data? Is it secure?

We use Amazon’s HIPAA secure cloud for all of our software and data. Organizations like Cleveland Clinic, Harvard Medical School, the CDC, and others use the Amazon secure cloud for their sensitive health data. We have a BAA with Amazon for the HIPAA secure services we provide.


Is the application secure?

Yes. Foresight exceeds security standards for medical data. It is written in pure JavaScript without frameworks (software tools written by others).


Are the devices secure?

*Organizations using their own devices to run Foresight will need to check with their device administrators. However, Foresight itself is secure on any web-enabled device.
Yes. The devices provided by VisibleHand are fully secured and can only be used for Foresight (and any other apps we enable). The devices do not store observation data on them – all data is directly and securely transmitted to the secure cloud system.


What if a device is lost/stolen?

If a device goes missing, whoever finds the device would not have access to sensitive patient data and they wouldn’t be able to use any of the phone’s features.


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Do you integrate with my EMR/EHR system?

Yes. On our client's behalf, we work with industry leading EHRs to sync data, avoid double documentation, and provide holistic resident-centered analytics. We will continue to add more interoperability and integrations to our system and can work with you to provide an integration that works for you.


Can I transfer information to/from my EHR/EMR?

We provide several methods for sharing data with EHRs/EMRs. We also provide Quality Assurance Privilege for all data stored within the Foresight system.


Does integration cost extra?

If we do not currently have interoperability with your EHR, we will work together to determine the timeline and potential cost before you commit to a contract.


Do I have to integrate Foresight with my EMR/EHR system?

No. Many of our clients prefer to keep our system separate from their EHR in order to maintain Quality Assurance Privilege. We can import/export as much or as little data to meet your goals.


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