F-Tag Predictive Analytics
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  • Predict & Avoid F-Tags
  • Reduce Staff Workload
  • Intervene Sooner
  • Reduce Risk of Adverse Events
  • Real-Time Insights
  • At-a-Glance Summaries and In-Depth Analyses
  • Integrated with systems & EHRs
  • Rest Easy - knowing that risks are being monitored 24/7

Proprietary VisibleHand algorithms monitor diagnoses, progress notes, administrations, orders and Foresight observations to flag residents at highest FTag risk for unnecessary antipsychotic use. Algorithms detect Rx orders and administrations that are not sufficiently justified by the diagnoses and/or observations made for a resident. The decision logic was created with clinicians and includes clinical filters, exhaustive diagnoses lists, and medication indication & side effect databases. The algorithms automatically detect and exclude GDR plans & PRN orders, even when they are not administered. This report contains relevant information for each detected risk situation in order to ease review and determination of corrective action.

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