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Our mission is simple: to support care-teams so that they may provide better care.

We focus on improving behavioral health in Long Term Care without forcing our clients to adopt another expensive, training-intensive, cumbersome EHR system. By equipping thousands of caregivers with nimble new technology and powerful data science, we lift the burden and help teams improve their behavioral health tracking, trending, and staff education.


By supporting caregivers, we impact residents, care-teams, leadership-teams, and ultimately, revenue. Our clients have credited our system with enabling a reduction of up to 30% of facility-wide antipsychotic medications, reduced hospitalizations, avoided fines/penalties, and increased employee engagement.


Our team is dedicated to serving caregivers, and focused on putting new and powerful tools into the hands of people who are making an impact every day.



We believe in diversity & inclusion and we seek to serve residents & patients from all walks of life. We do not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of our activities or operations. We look to work with organizations who share these fundamental beliefs.



Behavioral care is stuck in reverse. As our population is aging, so are the processes we use. Slow record keeping systems have increased the gap between doctor, staff, and residents while top-down forms of communication threaten to raise costs while lowering the quality of care; putting organizations at risk during a time of increased government regulation.


Here at Visiblehand, we are committed to moving from the industry standard of observation to a future of participation, whereby everyone in the organization, from C-Level to CNA is charged with contributing information, not just waiting on it.



Foresight, a web-based software and analytic platform empowers care staff to optimize behavioral outcomes for patients in long-term and acute care settings. Foresight is used on a mobile device and can personalize information for each resident. You can also receive real-time decisions for behavioral intervention that has been optimized for each resident and facility.

What impact can FORESIGHT by VisibleHand have on your community?


Foresight's sophisticated dashboards let clinicians, managers and others track changes in behavior and catch problems before they happen.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Foresight lets CNAs make detailed observations that include behavioral data, notes and more.


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